All Hail Maassilo aka Subway XL Central!

The sun is shining, weather is burning hot and most of you Subway Soldiers will be outside enjoying all good things the summer has to offer.🍻
But what when the sun stops shining and winter comes back to haunt us?😏

Don’t worry.. There is always that one holy sanctuary to keep us warm and keep us safe from all the horrors of the outside/real world…

That place is the Maassilo. It’s been standing strong for years and years and will keep doing so for years to come. Its Rotterdams Dubstep / Drum & Bass temple and February 2019 it will be Subway XL15 Fortress again.

All Hail Maassilo and attend the Subway XL15 right now:!!🙌🏼🌃 #Rotterdam #SubwayXL #Maassilo #dubstep #drumnbass #biggestbasseventofHolland #soldiers



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