Subway XL14 Floorplan!🗺

We know attending a rave like Subway XL14 can be pretty damn confusing. There is just so much awesomeness one person can handle right?👌🏼
To help you Soldiers get by on the night we got a top engineer designer to dig up the old blue prints of Factory 010 (dating back to the 1900’s) and rework them a bit to make them clear for all of you in 2018 style.🕵🏻‍♂

We suggest you print this one out or memories it so you can get from A to B easy and sleazy making sure you don’t miss out on anything on the night!🔥

April 6th is creeping up on us faster then Bill Cosby. Preparation mode ON!!😉 #floorplan #SubwayXL14 #massive #Factory010 #3Areas

✦ Tickets:



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