SUBWAY XL14 – APRIL 6th 2018 – FACTORY 010🔥😱

Friday April 6th we’re back to celebrate another edition of Subway XL together. As you Subway Soldiers must know by now. We refuse to stand still and love to come up with new things to trigger all of you and keep things on the move.🏃‍♂

We have always loved the 10th floor of the Maassilo a.k.a. Factory 010 but have never thrown a party there. Thats crazy right? Time to do something about that! So we have decided to use the Factory 010 for SUBWAY XL14! BAM!! Party on the 10th floor looking over the skyline of Rotterdam. 😈

Besides the location change we have also moved the party from Saturday to Friday. Simply for that extra recovery day we all need after a heavy Subway session and your weekend starts earlier! The sooner the better right!😎

SUBWAY XL15 we will be back at the Maassilo! Who’s ready for 2018!#XL14FACTORY010 #XL15MAASSILO #TAGTAGTAG

➤ Attend: Subway XL14



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