Five Facts about Ed Rush – SUBWAY XL9

We know its hard for people to make a choice about who to see at Subway XL9.

So we thought it would be a good idea to give you lot some reasons why you should check out these legendary DJ’s.

First up ED (Mr Virus) RUSH!

1. Ed Rush has been here since the dawn of Drum & Bass
– This was 1992!! That means he’s been in the game for nearly 23 years already! WHAT?!

2. That together with Optical he’s reponsible for one of most prolific albums in Drum & History “Wormhole”
– And it still sounds fresh!!

3. He’s one of the co-founders of legendary record label “Virus¬†Recordings” and runs a label called “Piranha Pool”
–¬†You guys know this one…

4. Can smash the decks with ease!
– Listen to this one..

5. It’s his first time at Subway XL!
– So let’s give him a warm welcome!


Check out Ed Rush headlining on the mainstage at Subway XL9 the 21st of November at the Maassilo Rotterdam!



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