Noah D – Hypnotic Elements EP

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A1 – Noah D – Seeeriousss
B1 – Noah D – Twister
C1 – Noah D & No Thing – Unknown Suspect VIP
D1 – Noah D – Got U Now
D2 – Noah D – Vibrationz
D3 – Noah D – The Edge (Digital Exclusive)

Available on 2×12″ & Digital Download

Noah D
Subway Recordings Hypnotic Elements EP  

Noah D steps up for his return on Subway and what a return it is.. Hypnotic Elements EP is title of his 5 track double pack and its the one everybody has been waiting for!
The A side is the one and only Seeeriousss thats being cained by allmost every bigshot in the game. No cheesy buisness but straight up ghetto sounds are filling the speakers up and destroying it bit by bit by bit!
Turn it over for another big bad tune called Twister.. Like a hurricane this riddim explodes into a whirlwind of bass and sub and sucks in anything that comes across it.. again not for the fainted hearted cause Noah D is ON this!
Disc 2 brings back one of Subway’s Biggest bangers in a Straight Jacket VIP Style.. Noah D VIP’s this tremendous tune and it gets the extra flow and strech it deserves. Once this one drops you know there isnt no turning back anymore.
Turn it over for 2 different takes on Noah D’s sound. first one its Got U Now a dubbed out stomper wich sees Noah flexing over other sounds as he’s best known for! The second tune holds Vibrationz.. and there is nothing more to say about this tune as it does exactly what it says.. SUB + SUB + SUB.. dont let any beers stand in front of a speaker when this one plays cause youll see yourself running toward the bar to get a new one before you know it!

DJs about Seeeriousss:
Skream (Tempa): This has been killin the dancefloors!
Joker (Kapsize): BIG TUNE!
Emalkay (Dub Police): SEEERIOUSSS!!!
Matt-U (Cool & Deadly): Killer!
TRG (Tempa): The best subway tune yet!
Alexander Nut (Rinse FM): VERY BIG!

Play Support:
Skream, Plastician, Alexander Nut, The Others, Joker, Joe nice, Babylon System, Antiserum, 12th Planet, DJG, Nick Argon, 501, Desto, Emalkay, Kutz, Luke Envoy, Reso, Marlow, Sukh Knight, Subscape, Glitch Mob, Freq Nasty, Tes La Rok, RSD and many more!



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