501 – Dangerous / Special Request

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A1 – 501 – Dangerous
B1 – 501 – Special Request

Available on 12″ & Digital Download

Subway Recordings Dangerous / Special Request

Subway keeps the international connection strong by signing yet another one of those finnish talents. 501 is the name and fiya is his game.. already signed to chase & status their own dubstep imprint called Dubtrade he allready has one foot in the door. And now with his Subway debut things look bright for young Jussi.
The first tune thats up is Dangerous, and this does exactly what it does on the tin, pure danger from beginning to end. This one isnt for the deep heads just pure dancefloor destruction all the way! Danger! Danger!
Next up its Special Request, another dancefloor stormer thats just to hot to handle. Ram this one on your decks and see those kids jump around like a bunch of maniacs! Play Support is coming from all over on this one!



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