The first one to be revealed for the Contact edition in January is a heavy one.. His album “Alpha” just dropped on Tempa and has been causing massive waves within the dubstep universe.. His track “Trapped” has been punching holes into soundsystems for a while now with insane support coming from all sides.. But now its time to let the man himself show what he has got in him… Give it up for PROXIMA!



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Proxima has been involved in music most his life, and after a venture in drum’n’bass he has been making serious waves in the dubstep genre. Picked up by the mighty Tempa Records from the very beginning, a bright future was bound to ensue. After a number of singles to come out on this imprint, among them renowned tunes such as “Formal Junction”, “Lie Detection” and “Thermal Vision”, it was clear that his take on music is like nothing the dubstep scene has seen before. It didn’t take long before he had the interest of many people in all kinds of genres, and his next moves are being eagerly awaited.

As most of you know by now, Proxima has embarked on a special endeavor that will result in his debut album, and he has every intention to do this right. Covering the entire spectrum with hard rollers, deep hitters and moody groovers it will show a side of Proxima not seen before, and will demonstrate that his abilities reach further than fixed musical boundaries. He has been a fresh input in dubstep and continues to sail unchartered waters, bringing beats like it hasn’t been brought before. You only need to listen to his anthem “Trapped”, which has gained the interest from pretty much everyone and could easily become the tune of the year, to realize how true this is.

His aim is to combine the sounds of drum’n’bass with the space of dubstep, and this original approach has already widely been noticed. Dirty mids and stomping beats are his trade, and he’s set to push this beyond the limits you thought were there.

Also with renewed interest in dnb again, he will be making his re-entrance in this scene very soon. Proxima continues to show what he can bring to the table, raising the bar with every release. He will be hitting hard, and he’ll be hitting swift: he’s the one to watch.



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